Seven Ways God uses Adversity

Jesus told us in the book of John to expect trouble, but often times we are caught off guard by adversity, believing the lie that if I love and serve God, I can expect a trouble free life.  However, adversity is not always bad and certainly does not go without benefits.  Scripture offers several encouragements […]


Grief can be described as the deep mental anguish experienced after a significant loss, usually the death of a beloved person.  Let’s look at this definition carefully. First, grief is emotional agony.  It’s like being in extreme physical pain except it is experienced mentally and emotionally.  Notice that it is different than sadness.  We will […]


SIGNS, SYMPTOMS, PROBLEMS & BLESSINGS WITH ADHD Inattention Hyperactivity Impulsivity It’s also having a brain that sometimes blinks.So you miss important instructions like exactly when that report is dueor when you’re supposed to pick up the kids.It’s not noticing the social cues saying, “Stop talking now.” or “That’s not appropriate.”It’s living to excess and making […]

Couples Therapy / Marriage Counseling

Need help with your relationship?  Are conflicts resulting in destructive patterns, or withdrawal and the “silent treatment”?   All couples have fights, it’s how you go about conflict that can be either destructive or constructive.  Every serious relationship will enter the “power struggle” stage.  The good news is there are healthy ways to get through […]

The Men’s Meeting

The Men’s Meeting @ the Healing Heart Counseling Center. This meeting will provide you with over a month of counseling in one day, at around half the cost of individual/marital sessions.   Please call the office to register @ 318-222-6800.    WHERE:  The meeting will be held in Marty Miller’s office where I normally meet with […]