Couples Therapy / Marriage Counseling

Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling in Shreveport

Need help with your relationship?  Are conflicts resulting in destructive patterns, or withdrawal and the “silent treatment”?  

All couples have fights, it’s how you go about conflict that can be either destructive or constructive.  Every serious relationship will enter the “power struggle” stage.  The good news is there are healthy ways to get through it, and there are much better stages on the other side. 

Learn to “fight fair” and communicate in constructive ways.  Counseling will give you the tools to clearly communicate, and to better understand what your partner is trying to say.

Learn to contain anger and channel it to productive use.  Anger often results from “soul wounds” being trampled on.  

Soul wounds are places in your heart that you’ve been hurt in the past.  Counseling can help you to understand your soul wounds and your partners, and what triggers them.  Next, you can learn to avoid these triggers and most importantly, learn to minister to each other’s soul wounds.  This creates a soul-healing kind of love.

To begin getting help, call for a confidential appointment at (318) 222-6800.

We also offer a Marriage Meeting, a Communication Meeting, and several other meetings that are a very cost-effective way to speed up the healing and growth process.  Click on Saturday Meetings for more information.