Webcam Counseling

Now Available!

Just a Few Benefits of WEB CAM counseling:

  • Comfortable & private
  • Cost effective (no transportation time or cost)
  • Accommodates busy schedules
  • Illness or physical disability
  • Offers treatment by well-trained clinicians to remote locations
  • Video-chat counseling is great if you would rather not visit a counselor in your home town
  • Clients often feel more comfortable, anonymous, and safe during counseling sessions. This helps you be honest and productive.

Now Available!

Email counseling is a new way of receiving professional counseling services. Instead of meeting in a counseling office, you and your counselor use secure email messaging to communicate back and forth.

There are many advantages to using email counseling:

  • You can write an email to your counselor anytime, 24 hours a day
  • You can write to your counselor securely from any computer that has internet access
  • You receive a prompt, professional, and You receive a prompt, professional response within 0-48 hours.
  • Online counseling is great if you would rather not visit a counselor in your home town

New research shows that email counseling is an affordable and effective method of receiving counseling. However, email counseling isn't for everyone. Talk to a counselor about whether email counseling
is right for you.

Now Available!

Telephone counseling has been an important part of mental health services for over 50 years. It is proven to be an effective, affordable and satisfying method for receiving counseling. Telephone counseling is much like traditional in-person counseling. However, rather than meeting in an office, you can speak to your counselor entirely by telephone.

There are many advantages to telephone counseling, including:

  • Flexibility: you can do counseling from anywhere
  • Safety & Comfort: Talk to a counselor from the safety and comfort of your home

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