Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect at my first counseling session?

  • During your first appointment for counseling your counselor will need a summary of the problems or questions that have brought you to counseling in order to work with you to establish goals and an appropriate treatment plan for your counseling. If you are seeking counseling as an adult you will meet with the counselor alone. The counselor will want to hear your history, including: family history and dynamics, significant relationships, work, substance use, cultural background, major losses, traumas, medical issues and any other information that may prove helpful.
  •  For children and adolescents, the counselor will see only the parents for the first sessions. If there is a need for the child/adolescent to be seen the same day, the session time will be split up between the parent and the child. Parents will be asked to provide information about their child's developmental history, schooling and social relationships, as well as other information that may be relevant to the difficulties the child is experiencing.

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