"This has been the best year because of you and what we have learned from you. My husband and I could not have made it had God not sent you into our lives. We have seen dark davs, but the light is flooding the darkness! Thank you so much."

"Thank you for your patience and desire to be used of God to help people. You've been a tremendous encouragement to me."

"Thank you for all your help and support! Our family is indeed thankful for your presence in our lives."

"Marty Miller did not equate me as being 'crazy' or an inadequate Christian because of depression and anxiety I experience. Showing me that my thinking was distorted was helpful also."

"Your gift is truly a Godly insight that time after time after just listening you ask the one question that gets to the heart of tne matter. I thank God to be on the receiving end of that!"

"Thank you for helping me to do the 'work' in my life so I am able to move ahead. Your ministry has been such a blessing to me and my family"

"I just wanted to thank you so much for all that you have done for me. I just wish I had met you several years ago! Life is so much better and happier"

"Being able to speak to Mr. Miller in a confidential nonjudgmental setting enabled me to look at my needs in a holistic manner. He helped me understand the basis of my feelings and behaviors."

"Mr. Miller provided a safe, compassionate professional, non-threatening environment in which I felt free to be open and honest with him, with myself and God."

"The services I received at Healing Heart Counseling Center have in many ways given my life back to me. Through his wise counsel, his foundation in scripture, and his compassion, Marty Miller has helped me to change my perspective and my behavior."

"I am thankful for Marty Miller and the Healing HeartCounselmg Center for helping me see and experience the best of life."

"I had a lot of hurt in some areas, and Marty Miller was very helpful in bringing healing and strength to me."

"Well worth the time spent. Has helped me gain momentum to change."

"This was my first counseling experience. Marty’s listening, feedback and recommendations were most helpful. It was a very pleasant and rewarding experience."

"We are very blessed and thankful for a Christian Counselor to share our problems and concerns with. I appreciate the advice and recommendations. Thank you! God bless you! I feel you are called of God and very talented in your work with people."

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